hey ladies fans can we fall inlove

i fit with you like a boxing glove

Emily Tortolini Fans
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This is a community for all the Emily Tortolini fans in Lynn, Massachusetts or anywhere else in the world. If you do not know who Emily Tortolini is, you can see her wandering around Lynn looking for food in trash barrels with her sister Gabrielle. This is what she looks like:

She is 5 feet in stature and has moderately brownish hair with eyes as blue as the ocean. Her favorite beverage is Pepsi One and she simply adores Italian Cuisine and Eskimo Pie Popsicles. Her favorite activities are jogging, jumping rope, and getting new tattoos. When she is older she wants to own a motorcycle and join a motorcycle gang with that special someone. Her dream guys is a medical practitioner with a mean salary.

This community can be updated with anything about Emily Tortolini, as long as you stay on subject. Please be nice. :D