She kills with foreign films. (freakish_) wrote in emily_tortolini,
She kills with foreign films.

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I, being Emily Tortolini's younger sister, have enjoyed her company for 14 years. She is a great person. And I am personally one of her number one fans, that is, besides Brittany McGrath.
There is something exquisite about this young, fun-loving gal. She loves nature and bike rides. She loves little animals and tap dancing. Hell, she even loves helping out at the nursing home. (The Pilgrim). Yeah, yeah, yeah.. and the retirement center too. I didn't forget.
I remember the days when we used to skip rocks with eachother at Flax Pond until one day she almost fell in and died with Jesus Delicruz. Haha!
Anyway, this is one great community. I hope people all around the world get to know and love Emily as much as we all do.
Everyone wish her luck with her application at Applebee's! (I don't think she'll get it. Shhh).
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